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Russia's top officials are becoming increasingly insisting in their statements calling for further creation of the so-called "Union State" that would comprise the two states. As Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev noted, Moscow is ready to move along this path, including to "create a single emission center, a single customs agency, [unified] courts, and an Accounts Chamber. Putin's main goal in this regard is the consolidation around Russia of different buffer zones — either by directly absorbing territories of other states as it could happen with Belarus or preserving a neighboring state in the "gray zone" as it is in the case of Ukraine. For Putin, his strategic task is "accumulating Russian lands. Besides, the latest tensions also have economic roots. Among other things, the reason is the "Pipe" — a gas line that ran via Belarus, "feeding" Lukashenko and his entourage.
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If Navalny were able to enter Russia’s election, it’d be better for everyone, except him

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Bolshevik Revolution: - Russian Revolution

This Russian language lesson is all about the Russian dative case. This is the fifth Russian case we will learn, there is only one case left after this lesson. This lesson does introduce more grammar concepts and word endings for you to learn. However, this is just the Russian language, you need to be able to use all cases effectively in order to be able to speak Russian.
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The next Russian attack on U.S. elections could be more serious than Facebook memes

In case of any problem with a visa, you are recommended to contact immediately your Visa Sponsor. This is a legal entity or individual that invited you to Russia and whose name is indicated on your visa. Under the Russian law, only your Visa Sponsor can and must solve your visa problems in most cases.
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